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Why E?


Why E?

Motivational. Inspirational. Meaningful. Purposeful. Stylish.

Motivational and Inspirational Bracelets for Strong-Minded Women

We all experience the day-to-day ebbs and flows of motivation and inspiration. It's the set of psychological forces that stimulate us to reach a daily objective, a long-term goal, a life long dream, make positive changes to our character or cultivate better habits. It's that deep-down inner strength and drive that gives us the courage to overcome obstacles and to push on. Some days our motivation and inspiration feel unstoppable. Other days, we need to reach deep down to gather all our courage and strength to pursue our dreams.  E-Logo bracelets and charms are all about keeping you motivated and inspired every time you put it on. Surround yourself with everything positive that helps you stay strong, determined, and focused. Be your inspiration. Wear your motivation.

Wearing an E-Logo bracelet is a powerful and stylish way to keep your positive daily reminders for motivation and inspiration close to heart and mind throughout each and every day. A beautiful, unique bracelet that elegantly reflects your inner beauty, strength and positive spirit, embodying determination, courage, motivation, and inspiration. Stay Motivated. Be Stylish.

Did you know... the letter "E" is the most powerful letter in the English Alphabet? It is associated with the most positive and motivating words in the English language: Energy (Positive, Lively Energy, of course!), Energize, Effort, Excel, Excellence, Empower, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Earn, Endurance, Ebullient, Effective, Enlightenment, Exemplary, Exuberant, Extraordinary, and Encourage, just to name a few! Now you can wear your positive energy, motivation, and inspiration, all day, every day. 

Why Stainless Steel?

The popularity of TK316 stainless steel jewelry has risen dramatically over the years because of its many advantages over other metals, including sterling silver and gold. TK316 Stainless steel is a very versatile metal and has become a mainstay in the jewelry industry. It is a very strong and highly durable metal which enables it to withstand everyday wear and tear. TK316 Stainless steel will retain its luster and look as good as new years later.

Just like with sterling silver and gold, stainless steel has its own unique alloying elements. However, stainless steel has an advantage over silver and gold alloying elements. The alloy composition of stainless steel allows it to resist scratches and corrosion thanks to its natural chromium content which prevents oxidation. So what does this mean? It means that E-Logo's stainless steel bracelets will not tarnish! 

Stainless steel looks fantastic for any style, occasion or event. This is the very reason why we chose stainless steel for our bracelets. Our E-Logo bracelets are sleek and beautiful, but more importantly, they are meaningful and purposeful. They are meant to be with you every day as a daily reminder to help encourage motivation,determination, and positive energy. 


Symbolic Disc Hinge Style Bracelet

The classic disc style bracelet captures the very essence of what E-Logo motivation bracelets are all about in that the circle, or round shape of the disc, is a universal symbol with deep meaning.

A circle, or disc, symbolizes the notions of  commitment, perfection, determination, strength, and completion. The E-Logo disc is a symbol of YOUR commitment to stay positive, determined and motivated each and every day. Your attitude determines your direction.Whatever you can dream and believe, you can achieve. Stay focused with E-Logo motivational bracelets!